About Discipl

Discipl is an inspirational vision of a information platform for a future digital society in a resource based economy. This is our soll situation. All projects are either researching this platform or it’s use cases in the soll situation or solutions that fit in the transition from ist to soll among which are solutions that may actually go in production within a year from now.

Discipl itself thus is also a group of projects working towards this inspirational vision. Adhering to the Discipl Manifesto and Discipl Pattern help these projects in this mission. Also the Discipl Core project is aiming at a flexible technological solution to help projects align with the Discipl vision, manifesto and pattern. All these projects are part of the Inspiration Lab forming a Discipl open source ecosystem which is set up this year within the blockchain innovation project of ICTU.

Currently, the Discipl vision, is described as a number of aspects the information platform should encompass as can be found on discipl.org and the Discipl whitepaper. Make sure to checkout our latest publication and Discipl Manifesto and Discipl Pattern explainer page.