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Voting with Blockchain? Reinventing the Government Since our societies started to digitalize, all sorts of problems have been solved with the help of new technologies. However, some hurdles have not yet been solved. One of these hurdles in modern society is the voting system. Nowadays, a lot of nations in the world are struggling with…

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The Peer to Peer Democracy of tomorrow. We are team Go-Chain, a team of 8 peoples who believe we can rethink the government. And that’s the opportunity which has been given to us last week end while joining in the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon! We have worked 54 hours from brainstorming to implementing a working prototype based…

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Creating binding citizen input into policy-making processes using the blockchain During the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon ’17, the P2Politics team build a working voting system on the Ethereum testnet. The essence of the P2Pollder application is that it creates binding citizen input into policy-making processes while keeping checks & balances to the government enabling smaller gap…

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