The discipl concept was first introduced as inspirational context and assignment for the Reinventing Government track of the Dutch blockchain hackathon 2017, the biggest blockchain hackathon sofar which was held in Groningen 10-12 Feb 2017. Besides the movie shown at the hackathon pre-meeting, the hackathon started with a short kick off presentation about the assignment; the so-called “null stand up”. This presentation can be found here.

The assignment was either to

  1. Work with Ethereum platform (Lightwallet with free Ether on Ropsten) to create a PoC for three given use cases
  2. Work on a specific aspect of Discipl (for instance techniques for privacy or big data)
  3. Do it all with your own mix of technologies
  4. Amaze us with something completely different

Well this meant they were free to do whatever they wanted ;-),  though of course we would and have judged it with “discipl” in mind.

11 teams started working on different projects. 5 of them worked on specific use cases revolving around trust. There were 4 teams working on use cases around voting and democracy. They worked with Ethereum or Hyperledger. A team was working on scalability on the Bitcoin platform. Another team worked with a mix of technologies (uPort, Hyperledger, Bigchaindb) on a specific part of the privacy aspect. Also there was quite some collaboration with teams from the Identity track.

For more information about the great proof of concept solutions these teams created we recommend to read the blogs below.

The hackathon is intended to be just a start for the teams. ICTU will try to accelerate the teams on these projects under the discipl concept. Therefore all the team projects are mentioned in our portfolio besides the projects ICTU is working on with partners itself. Through the portfolio you may find more information on the projects. In May and June the projects, as far as they have evolved by then, will be showcased in The Hague and Brussels. More information about this will also be posted on this site.


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